About the Book

Invention, research, and a thirst for progress fueled the academic environments of the Victorian world. In this story, a scientist has moved to the mountains of Colorado in order to discover a feature of silver that would allow it to recover from both the bimetallism decisions and the value-crushing Coinage Act of 1873.

Our scientist, Nathan, is confident that a careful application of pure silver (among other elements) will allow him to capture and analyze a human soul. When his experiments reach a crescendo, and his wife’s life is at stake, Nathan finds himself quite unprepared for the outcome. An ancient earth-spirit waits nearby to add to his consternation.

A century later, two sisters come to the depleted mining town in the hopes of owning and running a bed and breakfast.

The house they choose used to belong to our intrepid scientist.
They chose it specifically because it was rumored to be haunted.
They had no idea just how haunted it would turn out to be.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi there! 

Thanks for visiting, the information you're waiting for will be available soon.  I'll have links and locations galore.  I'll post pictures where applicable and if I can stand it I'll even provide updates and other kinds of bloggable nonsense as events warrant.

Expect proper purchaseable copies of the book to be available soon.  Let's say, by the end of July.  Expect copies to be available on Amazon in about three months. 
Welcome to the madness, my dears.  If you have something to say, I do encourage you to email me or leave me a comment.  If you have nothing to say, then I'll silently nod my head at you and look out the window and pretend you were never here.  I totally get the "silent but friendly" gig.

So won't you come with me on this little journey of book publishing?  For those who want to know, I'll tell you outright:  I chose to self publish.  I'll likely go into the reasons for that later.  However I'm pleased with my decision so far and I have the freedom to do so again in the future - with this title or any others I might happen to generate between now and ... oh, let's say...  EVER.  You guys are the best, though, thanks for asking.
And thank you, a million times thank you, for your kindness and curiosity.