About the Book

Invention, research, and a thirst for progress fueled the academic environments of the Victorian world. In this story, a scientist has moved to the mountains of Colorado in order to discover a feature of silver that would allow it to recover from both the bimetallism decisions and the value-crushing Coinage Act of 1873.

Our scientist, Nathan, is confident that a careful application of pure silver (among other elements) will allow him to capture and analyze a human soul. When his experiments reach a crescendo, and his wife’s life is at stake, Nathan finds himself quite unprepared for the outcome. An ancient earth-spirit waits nearby to add to his consternation.

A century later, two sisters come to the depleted mining town in the hopes of owning and running a bed and breakfast.

The house they choose used to belong to our intrepid scientist.
They chose it specifically because it was rumored to be haunted.
They had no idea just how haunted it would turn out to be.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yup - National Novel Writing Month.

In 2009, as we all know, I entered this "contest" on a dare to see if I could finish something.  Well, here we are today and I'll be darned if I'm not going to start it allllll over again tomorrow with a brand new novel and a brand new month of insanity!

My goal is (of course) 50,000 words by the end of November. 

I did it once before.
I can do it again.

I had a great story pretty well fleshed out in my mind last time.
I have a sort of squashy story fairly loosely lumped together in various parts of the noggin this time.

Let's just see what happens, shall we?

UPDATE! 12/01/2012
Expect another book publishing event in about 12ish months!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Thank You Majestic Gallery!

It was another tremendously successful day at the Majestic Gallery, too!  Not only did we have some great sales, I made some fun new friends!  What a wonderful time I had, thank you so much for letting me hold my event in such a beautiful location!

Thank You HearthFire Books!

What can I say about the Farmer's Market Meet n Greet, except that it was perfect!  The weather was just grand, the company was enchanting, and the whole experience was unforgettable.

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Meet N Greet!

Hey there, readers!  I've got another exciting meet-n-greet set up for the week when I'll be in Denver.  If you can't make it to Idaho Springs on Friday, perhaps Evergreen on Tuesday is more to your liking?

The Tuesday Farmer's Market in Evergreen, CO, will be a super fun place to settle in for a morning of excellent company, divinely fresh air, and some amazing new friends (and possibly a few of you collectible old ones, eh?)

So now, be advised that on August 28th  starting at 10:00
you will be able to find me associated with HearthFire Books of Evergreen in person and all shined up for my adoring public and everything!
Come on by!
Like I said on Amazon: 

A Farmers' Market! 
And a Bookstore! 
What more could you ask for? 
Nothing.  That's what.
(The Evergreen Farmers’ Market:
Tuesdays- June 5th - September 25th 10:00am-2:00pm

The Bergen Village Shopping Center. This location is 3 minutes (3 miles) after exiting I-70.
Location: I-70 to the Evergreen Parkway continue on highway 74 -left on Bergen Parkway. Turn left at the first light which will be Sugar Bush. Go straight forward to the Bergen Village Shopping Center.)

Isn't this just too exciting?  I'm getting so much great feedback from all of you readers out there.  I'm still kindof hung up on the big grammatical mistakes I made here and there and the one BIG mis-spelling that even my adoring dad couldn't let slide without telling me about...  but you know what?  I'm still terribly proud of this finished product and the characters found therein.  And it just tickles me terribly to think that you, my adoring public  might get a few fun evenings' reading material out of it all. 
I'd love to see you in person, shake your hand, and be socially awkward at you while I'm in Colorado.  If you can't make it then, then I'm sure we'll find a way to get it to work out later on.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

40 Pounds of AWESOME

Signed Copies NOW AVAILABLE!

Oh how exciting it is, my gentle minions, to order a load of books and have them all arrive at once!  All in one perfectly sized box.  And it weighed a LOT!

Actually, I just ordered a load of my OWN books, and they arrived...  so now I can start fulfilling all of these orders for signed copies.  You all continue to honor me with your support and I am eager to send these out to you as quickly as my little fingers can. 

It should take about three days for the shipments to get to you, but they're on the way as of 8am tomorrow morning. 

Plans are brewing for the book signing in Idaho Springs too.  AND for a similar (though more casual) event to perhaps include some sort of byogrillables and some laid-back summery outdoorsy-ness.  This second event will be in the Denver area.  More deets as soon as a location is chosen.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Looking forward to signing your book for you!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Signing! The First!

Mark Your Calendars, Kids!  I'm sure there will be another one closer to the Denver area for saturday morning... still working on that.  BUT for you locals out there, I'll be doing a signing as follows:

August 31
@ The Majestic Gallery
1636 Miner Street, Idaho Springs CO, 80452
Shenannigans begin at 1:00

I look forward to seeing you there!  And/Or elsewhere as your schedule permits. 
Don't be shy.  I'm more than plenty shy enough for all of us!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whoa! Signed Copies Available Soon!

Well, wouldja lookie there?
There's a hoopadooh over on the right there that will let you use your paypal account to order a by-golly authentic and for real SIGNED COPY of this hear work of mine. 

How Exciting Is That?  I don't know what's more interesting today, the fact that I'll have an apartment full of books with my name on them, or that I figured out how to get that button posted! 

Huzzah and Hurrah!  Happy Day!  Order away, my darling ones, order away.  Be advised, I don't actually have my copies yet, but as soon as I do I'll let you know and I'll start a'signin' and a'shippin' until you're all satisfied.

***Update for July 16:  I have received my marketing materials AND my preview copy, so the copies I ordered for this should be in this week.  I'll begin signing and sending as soon as that!  Woot!***

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Available Now!

Well gang, it's available.  You can find it on Amazon and everything.  It would appear that the information is slowly being updated, so there are still a few kinks out there to be worked out.  The e-book function is a little choppy for my audiences out there in the Pacific, and I can imagine it might not be ironed out for my European public yet, either.

The paper version is still gumming up the presses at Xlibris, so we'll have to all sit on our hands and wait for that to get sorted in another week or two.  Okay, so I actually don't know if it's jammed or not - but I am having one helluva time being NOT self-depricating right now so bear with me as I wrestle as diplomatically as possible with my rapture and my cellular programming of shyness.

*ahem*  where were we?

Ah yes. 

Amazon:  Search my name and there we are!
Barnes and Noble: myeh, not up yet
Xlibris: erm...  could use a little catching up...  but it's there allright!

And for all you salty nuts out there longing for a paper copy of your very own WITH a signature inside it, I'll have those available too.  In time for the holidays.
But, you know, later on. 

Look, gang, I don't even have MY first copy yet.  So please continue to come with me on this awesome and sparkly journey through time and space as we wait for this book to get all printed up and glued together and finally delivered to our sticky little hands. 

Shouldn't take long.   Not long at all now.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hi there! 

Thanks for visiting, the information you're waiting for will be available soon.  I'll have links and locations galore.  I'll post pictures where applicable and if I can stand it I'll even provide updates and other kinds of bloggable nonsense as events warrant.

Expect proper purchaseable copies of the book to be available soon.  Let's say, by the end of July.  Expect copies to be available on Amazon in about three months. 
Welcome to the madness, my dears.  If you have something to say, I do encourage you to email me or leave me a comment.  If you have nothing to say, then I'll silently nod my head at you and look out the window and pretend you were never here.  I totally get the "silent but friendly" gig.

So won't you come with me on this little journey of book publishing?  For those who want to know, I'll tell you outright:  I chose to self publish.  I'll likely go into the reasons for that later.  However I'm pleased with my decision so far and I have the freedom to do so again in the future - with this title or any others I might happen to generate between now and ... oh, let's say...  EVER.  You guys are the best, though, thanks for asking.
And thank you, a million times thank you, for your kindness and curiosity.